Invention 101

This DVD covers inventing from A to Z. All of the things you need to know as an inventor are fully explained, and there are many real-life examples. Additionally, Invention 101 covers key changes in our patent system from The America Invents Act, when these changes go into effect, and how to operate before and after the changes. Here are some of the subjects discussed:

  • Invention Scams - How to identify and avoid them.
  • Why your invention needs to be patentable.
  • How to profit from an invention.
  • How to determine if your invention is patentable.
  • How to do a product search and patent search online.
  • How to determine if your invention is marketable.
  • Intellectual Property - What are the types and how are they used?
  • Patents - the different types and what you want.
  • Strong vs. weak Patents, and how to make sure yours is strong.
  • Provisional Patent Application - what it is, benefits, risks, old vs. new law.
  • How to protect your invention before you file for a patent.
  • Using Non-Disclosure Agreements and where to get one to use.
  • One Year Rule - old law vs. new law.
  • Documentation - before new law takes effect vs. after.
  • First-to-File: Conception vs. Reduction to Practice.
  • How to document.
  • If you can’t afford an attorney or agent, can you do it yourself?
  • What are claims in a patent? Narrow vs. broad coverage.
  • What infringes a patent?
  • Foreign Patent issues.
  • Should you sell or license?
  • Licensing - 13 key points that will help you get in the door, make the right impression, and close the deal.

If you are brand-new to inventing, this information is critically important. Even if you are a seasoned pro, there is information here that you need. Order now and start moving effectively down the path to your success as an inventor.

Invention 101 DVD - length: 95 minutes.

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"Invention 101 is well done and fills a necessary gap for novice as well as seasoned inventors, especially in light of this new legislation. Thanks again for a job well done."  Adam Oliphant, Inventor  

"Randy's information helped me get my invention to the next stage.  I now have distributors in place and bridge financing for large quantities."  Tom Foltyn, Inventor

Invention 101 DVD
How to make Plastic Prototypes DVD

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Special Limited Time Offer:
$29.95 plus $5.00 Priority Shipping!

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