Testimonials for Plastic Prototypes

"I have an invention that has a complicated shape, and I was not able to make a plastic prototype out of it.  I hired Randy to do it, and he did a super job!  Good price too.  I'd recommend him to anybody." 
- Bob Scholl, Nu Products,LLC

"I am impressed with your DVD, and especially your knowledge. I would like to use you as a resource for inventors."
- Ronald L. Docie, Jr., President, Docie Invention Services and author of The Inventor's Bible, How to Market and License Your Brilliant Ideas.

"My inventor's association bought your DVD and asked me to present it at our next meeting; so I reviewed it yesterday. As one with some experience in this kind of work, I was not expecting to learn much. Wrong, the DVD is outstanding, very complete, orderly, clear and full of useful advice and hints that I didn't know but needed to know and will use in the future."
- David Regen

"I highly recommend this DVD to any inventor. This is a great solution to the problem of getting good prototypes."
- Jim Delang, President, Inventors Alliance of Northern California

"I've developed a number of products for companies that I've worked for. Now I'm developing products for myself and the training in this DVD is a key part of that."
- Mark Keeter, Inventor.

"This is a great DVD for inventors. I showed it at a monthly inventor meeting and it was VERY well received."
- Bob Murray, President, Inventors Society of Western New York

"After watching this DVD, I am ready to start really making prototypes."
- Jack Smith, Professional Patent Illustrator

"Your DVD has been very beneficial in letting me see the possibilities in putting my ideas into a visual."
- Mario Bravomalo, Inventor

"Invention 101 is well done and fills a necessary gap for novice as well as seasoned inventors, especially in light of this new legislation. Thanks again for a job well done."
- Adam Oliphant, Inventor

Invention 101 DVD
How to make Plastic Prototypes DVD

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Special Limited Time Offer:
$29.95 plus $5.00 Priority Shipping!

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