Plastic Prototype Services

I can be contracted for Plastic Prototype work and short runs (parts needed in relatively small numbers).





Drill Bit Example


Rotational Mold Machine For Hollow Parts


Silicone Mold/Urethane Casting Example


Thin Sculpture Reproduction


Fast - High Quality - Low Cost

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"I had been sitting on an invention idea for a long time and decided to do something about it. I contacted Randy and had him produce my prototype. It was exciting to see the invention come to life, and Randy did a super job. He also gave me some good advice, and I am finally getting somewhere with my invention." Randy Valentino, Inventor

"I just wanted to thank you again for the wonderful job you did in making my prototypes. I considered doing it myself, but I felt that you would be able to do a much better job than I could have. And you did not disappoint me. Working with you was a pleasure. You kept me abreast of the progress that was being made and stuck to the timeline that was agreed on. Having you make my prototypes was money well spent and I will recommend your service to my fellow inventors." Tony Hutton, Inventor

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Special Limited Time Offer:
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